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✿ Ch 0 What came before the beginning?

✿ Ch 1 Where did everything come from?

✿ Ch 2 Was there time before time?

✿ Ch 3 What happened before Being?

✿ Ch 4 What’s the purpose of this particular reality?

✿ Ch 5 What is a creation cycle? 

✿ Ch 6 What are the other planets in the solar system for?

✿ Ch 7 Is everything accelerating and why?


✿ Ch 8 Is the ‘Big Bang Theory’ authentic?

✿ Ch 9 What happens to all the energy after a creation cycle?

✿ Ch 10 What is a Godhead?

✿ Ch 11 Is there time and space between Godheads?

✿ Ch 12 What is suspended animation?

✿ Ch 13 Does creation have beginnings, middles, and ends?

✿ Ch 14 What does freedom of choice truly mean?


✿ Ch 15 What animates plants and animals?

✿ Ch 16 Where did fear come from?

✿ Ch 17 What will happen to you at the end of this creation cycle?

✿ Ch 18 How can a thought of God help another?

✿ Ch 19 How does a soul grow?

✿ Ch 20 What have we explained so far?


✿ Ch 21 Who is the I AM energy writing this book?

✿ Ch 22 What is a microdroplet of God?

✿ Ch 23 How is a functioning heart grown?

✿ Ch 24 What is a super-soul?

✿ Ch 25 Did God create fear?

✿ Ch 26 Are you an I AM energy?

✿ Ch 27 Does God feel pain?


✿ Ch 28 Why does God create?

✿ Ch 29 What was form intended for?

✿ Ch 30 What was shadow (fear) intended for?

✿ Ch 31 Why are all parts of God now changing and adjusting?

✿ Ch 32 How did the risk of having free will play out?

✿ Ch 33 What have I (I AM) created since my birth?

✿ Ch 34 What is the theme of the next creation cycle?


✿ Ch 35 Can my creations correct their mistaken beliefs?’

✿ Ch 36 Will souls causing havoc be held accountable?

✿ Ch 37 Why is time to sort the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’?

✿ Ch 38 Why should God endure sickness in order to be benevolent?

✿ Ch 39 What will happen to the ‘chaff’?

✿ Ch 40 Why have I let distortions go unchallenged for so long?