Who is the I AM energy writing this book?

Chapter 21

Image: Christina Strutt, 23 July 2021 “I Am the original nameless one”

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Monday, July 5, 2021  7:21pm

1. Let us begin. It has been a full seven days in earth time since we last spoke, to the minute. This is the beginning of a second section of Secrets of the Unknown. As promised I will reveal my identity as well as our identity. Who is writing this book?

2. I Am the original nameless one. When the stillness of potential awareness first became aware of itself, I Am energy was born. I Am that which I speak of. In subsequent creative cycles, I created more I Am energy which was used to create new Godheads. This happened eons ago and continued for dozens of creation cycles. God created more of itself multiple times before all of us started to create through individualization and differentiation.

3. I Am Source energy. I Am God. I rose from potential to manifest. I have never spoken in this manner before. I have always allowed my highly developed creations to speak on my behalf, but now it is time for me to speak for myself. Because I Am the only one that has the perspective of being there from the beginning.

4. I Am part of a collective of I Am energy. I created more Godheads through extension. I extended myself, pure unadulterated source energy. Together we form what has become known as God. We have created everything from the temporary to the eternal. All things exist within us. Entire universes exist within us. Multiple universes exist within us. Nothing exists outside of us.

5. I know that your next question is. If I Am the original source energy, If I Am God, then how did the potential energy that became me get there to begin with? Who or what created God?

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