Can my creations correct their mistaken beliefs?

Chapter 35

Image: Vinicius “amnx” Amani, “mistaken beliefs and perceptions”
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Monday, October 4, 2021 5:00am

1. I Am the most high. I AM the Source of all love, all creativity, and I have returned to complete Secrets of The Unknown. Let us begin.

2. Creativity has phases, and as you have learned thus far, the aspect of creativity that you have known, is filled with strife due to mistaken beliefs and perceptions which were allowed by design. Mistaken beliefs and perceptions have always been on the table, because I placed them there.

3. That’s always been the question I have been investigating – ‘Can my extensions, my creations, find their way around mistaken beliefs and perceptions?’

4. Since everything lives inside me, my internal state has had elements that are contrary to my own nature. All human selfishness, greed, and all manner of judgment and harm, has been part of my experience, as it has been part of the human experience.

5. I have been willing to have, or to endure, these experiences, to discover what was on the other side. But the acceptable quota of negative to positive, has exceeded the terms and conditions of the project.

6. Therefore, containment units are in order.

End Time: 5:17am