What came before the beginning?


Image: Christina Strutt “identity is currently shrouded”

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021   9:44 am

1. You have all heard of the phrase, “In the beginning”, in relation to anything that has continuum, but what came before the beginning? In this book we will explore creation from an entirely different vantage point. This will be the true creation story, as never told before. It will be broken down into easily digestible pieces, and it will supplement science, not contradict it.

2. The secrets have been many, but now is the time for the great revelation. Everything is to be known and revealed. Do not judge what you are about to discover. Let it sink in, and digest it slowly. There are layers to peel away, but the final product will be well worth the investment in time.

3. (Author’s identity is currently shrouded)

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