What are the other planets in the solar system for?

Chapter 6

Image: Juuso Hämäläinen @juusohd, “the other planets in your solar system”
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Friday, June 18, 2021  6:28pm

1. If there is a purpose in creation, in all of creation, then you may be wondering about the purpose of the other planets in your solar system. Scientists have not been able to discover any purpose in their being there. Traces of what may have been water have been found on Mars, which indicates that there may have been lifer there at one time.

2. These planets are examples of what we refer to as suspended animation. They are projects that may or may not be re-visited in future creation cycles. When dealing with form, trial and error plays a significant part in the process. We are always evaluating what is successful and what needs adjustment.

3. Remember, the one and only purpose in regard to form, is to help grow more source energy or more of God. The planets referred to haven’t been friendly to forms that could be animated by Divine spirit, at least not yet.

4. We have had our hands full with priority projects, and the earth project is one of those. Some projects get put on the back burner.

5. Now that you know how long dormant or rest cycles are for God, multiply that by ten and this is approximately how long creation cycles are. So if a dormant cycle is hundreds of millions of years, a creation cycle would be billions of years.

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